Converting a Spreadsheet to LaTeX

For my research, spreadsheets are very useful for recording data and analysis. But I usually want to use that data in a .tex document as well.


Writing tables using LaTeX can be difficult if you have a lot of data, and editing it can be a bit of a nightmare.

One quick solution I have found is using a macro that converts a table in a spreadsheet into a LaTeX table. (A macro is a set of instructions that automate a particular task.)

An alternative to using macros is working with a spreadsheet program that supports the LaTeX file format.

Of the following three options, I have tried Calc2LaTeX. I’ve found it very easy to install and use.


This macro works for OpenOffice Calc. After running the macro, a dialogue box appears containing the LaTeX code. You can copy that and paste it straight into your .tex file.


This macro works for Microsoft Excel.


This is a spreadsheet program that can be used with Windows and Linux. It is possible to save a file in a number of formats including LaTeX.


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