And we’re back!

After a long hiatus, the LaTeX for Humans blog is back!

Based on your feedback, it appears that the greatest need is for an updated list of thesis, dissertation and related templates. So I will get on this right away.

I also plan to review the best LaTeX help forums so that you know where to go when you have a specific problem to solve.

Oh yeah. And I’m going to revamp the site design as it’s a bit 2008, non?

Any questions? Ask away…

Drop me a line in the comments with your questions and suggestions.


2 thoughts on “And we’re back!”

  1. It’s great to see that you are back! I used to follow your posts via the blog aggregator.

    Nice that you plan to talk about forums. This can help users to find support.

    I gladly supply some stats and facts about a forum I maintain: exists since January 2007, founded by the developer of TeXnicCenter. Currently, in 2015, there are about 80.000 posts in about 21.000 topics written by 13.000 registered users. Besides the forum, there is a knowledge database with many articles, and news from the LaTeX world are posted on the pretty active front page.

    It’s a non-commercial forum, there’s no advertising. The LaTeX Community forum is maintained and moderated by LaTeX enthusiasts, which are members of TUG and DANTE like me.

    While it bases on Open Source software (phpBB3 and Joomla), it has been extended to improve LaTeX user’s experience. LaTeX code syntax is highlighted and there’s a one-click connection to open posted code in a LaTeX online compiler. Buttons provides quick links to documentation and to packages on CTAN. Topics can be marked as solved, related topics are connected, and a tagging system improves accessibility of the content. That’s because all is focused on LaTeX and our fellow LaTeX users. works closely together with the German LaTeX forums and We share servers and support each other, also regarding programming site features. There are partnerships with aka writeLaTeX and with, where LaTeX Community is the support partner. The LaTeX Community server runs further TeX websites, such as and and several user blogs such as,, and the TeXwelt community blog, and more.

    The goal is to provide the best support for LaTeX friends in any possible way. Because we love LaTeX.

    Feel free to shorten the comment or to remove it, if you take over some information to show it in your forum reviews.

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